• WSJT Development Group Releases "Bug Fix" WSJT-X version 2.5.4

    From ARRL de WD1CKS@VERT/WLARB to QST on Wednesday, January 05, 2022 19:43:02

    The WSJT development group has released an updated version of WSJT-X - version 2.5.4 - which it's calling a "bug fix." The primary fix repairs a defect that caused occasional crashes when contacting stations with non-standard call signs. It also allows MAP65[1]'s "best-fit Delta Phi (Dphi)" solution to be displayed to the user.

    The WSJT development group also has welcomed new members Chet Fennell, KG4IYS, and Dr. Uwe Risse, DG2YCB. "Each brings important skills and experience[s] to the project, after the loss of Bill Somerville, G4WJS," said Joe Taylor, K1JT, on behalf of the group. "The newly constituted group has been working to redefine standard operating procedures for new releases."

    Installation packages[2] for WSJT-X are available for Windows and Linux. An installation package for macOS will be added soon.

    [1] https://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/MAP65_Users_Guide.pdf
    [2] http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/wsjtx.html

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