• ARRL Board Holds Second Annual Meeting

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    The ARRL Board of Directors gathered for its Second Meeting on July 15 - 16, 2022, in Windsor, Connecticut.

    ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, opened the July ARRL Board meeting with a moment of silence for those radio amateurs who had passed away since the last meeting. Among those remembered was Life Member Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, of Glen Burnie, Maryland, who died on February 7. Bruninga created the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS), and he shared his broad knowledge and experience in the amateur radio and electronics fields throughout his life.

    Report Highlights

    Midwest Division Director Art Zygielbaum, KOAIZ, who is Chair of the Ethics and Elections Committee (E&E Committee), summarized the committee's report, noting that it would take on the task of creating an all-inclusive election guidebook that would address all activities related to the conduct and procedures of elections. Later in the meeting, the Board approved establishing an ARRL Election Review Committee under the aegis of the E&E Committee. Among the proposed purposes of the new committee is to develop an integrated "one-stop" document that defines election procedures, the behavior of those conducting the election, and all ethical and behavioral requirements imposed on candidates. The Board also approved including a non-voting staff appointee to support the E&E Committee.

    Southeastern Division Director Mickey Baker, N4MB, who is the Board Liaison to the Logbook of The World Committee (LoTW Committee), reported that LoTW availability continues to be excellent - 99.99% in the last 90 days, exceeding the 99% goal.

    In his first report as Treasurer, John Sager, WJ7S, highlighted that the ARRL investment portfolio declined by 9.2% in the second quarter and declined by 11.1% for the year-to-date. He noted that despite the recent sharp downturn, the portfolio's value remains greater than it was 2 years ago (after considering withdrawals for operations). Sager also summarized the activities of the permanent Investment Management Committee (IMC) and expressed appreciation for the Board's foresight in hiring an outside investment manager and creating the committee to oversee portfolio management. He expressed his confidence in the value that such a structure will have in inspiring confidence from ARRL members and future donors. Chief Financial Officer Diane Middleton, W2DLM, reported that even with the impact the downward financial markets have had on total assets, the association's balance sheet remains solid with healthy cash balances.

    The meeting also included a report from ARRL Foundation President David Norris, K5UZ. Norris shared that the Foundation awarded $922,250 for scholarships to 139 students this season. Norris made note of the generous funding from Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC), which substantially increased the scholarship awards, and additional funding from ARDC that granted $500,000 for the newly launched ARRL Foundation Club Grant Program. The Foundation also awarded $41,032 to six organizations for the betterment and advancement of amateur radio.

    Board Actions

    The Board approved the following actions during the meeting:

    o Establishing a means for all members to access and/or subscribe to all Division and Section emails. Currently, members may subscribe to emails for their respective Division and Section.
    o Permitting the inclusion of military veteran status in ARRL's publication of Silent Key reports. The information will be gathered from Silent Key submissions. Recognition is permitted for all honorably discharged members of the U.S. Armed Forces and all National Guards.
    o Directing the ARRL CEO/Secretary to vote in favor of International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Proposal No. 263, which concerns the admission of the Sudan Amateur Radio Union (SARU) as an IARU Member Society.
    o Amendments to By-Law 40, which includes the duties of the Emergency Communications and Field Services Committee (EC-FSC). The Board established the ECFSC as a Standing Committee in July 2021. The amendments to By-Law 40 clarify the committee's role with respect to matters within the scope of its duties.

    Also present at the meeting were IARU Secretary Joel Harrison, W5ZN, and President of the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) Phil McBride, VA3QR. In his greeting, Harrison made note of the upcoming World Radiocommunication Conference, WRC-23 (see IARU positions for WRC-23 at www.iaru.org/spectrum/iaru-and-itu/wrc-23[1]). McBride highlighted RAC efforts to advance positions involving frequency coordination for amateur satellites.


    It is the Board's practice to recognize individuals, groups, and organizations for their contributions to ARRL and the greater amateur radio community at each Board meeting.

    The Board recognized William Hudzik, W2UDT, for his 20 years of service to ARRL and its members. Hudzik retired in February as Vice Director of the Hudson Division. First licensed in 1961, Hudzik honorably served in multiple elected ARRL positions, including Northern New Jersey Section Manager from 2001 to 2008, and Hudson Division Vice Director from 2011 to 2022. He also served as a member of several Board committees, including the Historical Committee, on which he still serves today as a volunteer.

    The Board congratulated and extended its appreciation to the members of the RF Safety Committee for their contributions to the science and practice of amateur radio and, more generally, of radio communications. Earlier this year, members of the RF Safety Committee were recognized and honored by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) with the 2021 Founders' Trophy for their work and collaboration with RSGB on methods of conforming with RF exposure regulations.

    The Board also recognized the following ARRL Affiliated Clubs for their lengthy tenure and service to the amateur radio community:

    o Uniontown Amateur Radio Club in the ARRL Western Pennsylvania Section, an ARRL Special Service Club. Affiliated since May 5, 1930, and incorporated on February 20, 1933.
    o Mesabi Wireless Association of Minnesota, an ARRL Affiliated Club since October 2, 1947.
    o Cambridge Amateur Radio Association of Ohio, an ARRL Affiliated Club since February 20, 1947, and founded in 1913.
    o West Seattle Amateur Radio Club of Washington, an ARRL Special Service Club. Affiliated since October 2, 1947.
    o Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association of California, an ARRL Affiliated Club, established in 1937.
    o Rochester Amateur Radio Club of Minnesota, an ARRL Affiliated Club since July 30, 1971, founded in 1932.
    o Motor City Radio Club of Michigan, an ARRL Special Service Club, founded in 1932.
    o Red River Radio Amateurs of North Dakota, an ARRL Affiliated Club since September 27, 1969.
    o St. Paul Radio Club of Minnesota, an ARRL Affiliated Club since November 2, 1931, and founded in 1931.

    The Meeting adjourned on Saturday morning. The complete minutes are available at www.arrl.org/board-meetings[2].

    [1] https://www.iaru.org/spectrum/iaru-and-itu/wrc-23/
    [2] http://www.arrl.org/board-meetings

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